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What is Build-A-Thon?
Build-a-Thon is a unique experience: it is an opportunity to raise money for charity while gaining valuable building experience. It is an easy way to ease yourself into learning about the basics of Habitat for Humanity's main goal: building houses for those who cannot afford their own. Through BAT, we bring the experience of a faraway build to the Livingston lawn!

It is an awesome and one-of-a-kind 24-hour on campus competitive fundraising event, in which teams of 4-6 students use various building materials to build a shelter to sleep in overnight and to raise awareness about inadequate housing conditions.

All building materials and money go towards helping Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plainfield & Middlesex County build homes for families in need.

What's there for me?
BAT is centered around friendly team competition, often a combination of old and new friends from Habitat and other clubs!

We will have
1. Prizes for the “Best Livable Shelter” & the “Most Creative Shelter”
2. Free Dinner & Breakfast
3. Free Access to Rutgers Zone
4. Night Activities
a. Bonfire Pit
b. Cooking Smores
c. Co-sponsored Club Activities

When and where is this event?
When: October 12th, 2019 - 12:00 PM to October 13th, 2019 - 12:00 PM
Where: Livingston Lawn, Piscataway, NJ 08854

How do I participate?
In order to gain building materials and other supplies, each team fundraises by raising money from family, habitat sponsored bake sales and canning.

Other fun activities, such as the Rutgers Zone, as well as food and drink will also be included the day of the event! The more your team fundraises, the more materials and supplies you receive to build even better and crazier shelters!

On our website:
• If you are the leader of your team, click Register to create the team
• If you have a team already, click Participate to join

In order to participate, your team must raise $200 minimum. However if you register your team on the Rutgers Habitat website prior to October 1st, your team will have its minimum donations lowered to $150!

Don’t worry, we provide few opportunities for you to fundraise - no hassle!
1. Canning at George Street in downtown New Brunswick or Ryder lane in Cook/Douglass campus
2. Have friends or families donate to your team

Check here to have a list of fundraising opportunities we have! They will be available on August 30th.

Even more curious about the event?!
Visit to learn more about Build A Thon & what we do as a chapter!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email our Build-A-Thon Chairs:
Shikha Vinodanandan -
Luis Michael Rocha -

Location / Venue

  1. Lelinda Cabigas
    Lelinda Cabigas gave a $26.53 donation to support Arielle Yu
    You’re doing great Arielle.
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  2. Carr Hardware
    Carr Hardware gave a $50 donation to support Evan Carr
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  3. Surendra  Sunkara
    Surendra Sunkara gave a $21.29 donation to support Akhila Sunkara
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  4. Angela Santos
    Angela Santos gave a $30 donation to support Arielle Yu
    Great job AJ! I am so proud of you! Love, Tita Angieh
    10 months ago · Like
  5. Laura Khera
    Laura Khera gave a $10.79 donation to support Arielle Yu
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  6. Arbie Cruz
    Arbie Cruz gave a $50 donation to support Arielle Yu
    Good Work AJ
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  7. John Dela cruz
    John Dela cruz gave a $52.76 donation to support Arielle Yu
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  8. Lindsay Brown
    Lindsay Brown gave a $26.53 donation to support Olivia Reebenaker
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  9. Jerry Jones
    Jerry Jones gave a $5.55 donation to support Arielle Yu
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  10. Madeline Avallone
    Madeline Avallone gave a $10.79 donation
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  11. Imelda Yu
    Imelda Yu gave a $26.53 donation to support Arielle Yu
    keep up the good work!
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  12. Maria E. David
    Maria E. David gave a $25 donation to support Arielle Yu
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  13. Angelita  Yu
    Angelita Yu gave a $26.53 donation to support Arielle Yu
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Arielle Yu
Arielle Yu
Evan Carr
Evan Carr
Olivia Reebenaker
Olivia Reebenaker
Akhila Sunkara
Akhila Sunkara
Gefforey Martin
Gefforey Martin